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EUROCAL idea goes back before 2008, inspired with experience of mutual cooperation of Czech and Slovak calibration associations, as well as discussions with guests from other European countries invited to our conferences.

First official formulation of the idea was presented at the RMO 2008 conference at Cavtat.

The initial information presented to metrology community was then followed with several meetings and discussions during various conferences throughout 2009–2011 where we searched for support of the EUROCAL idea and tried to find a way to bring it to life.

It seemed that there might be a chance to establish EUROCAL as a focus group within the EURAMET organization structure. We prepared the information and presentation of such possible arrangement in the early 2012, together with the new DKD and were about to present it at TC-IntMet meeting in March 2012.

As the meeting approached, it turned out that such a way of setting up EUROCAL would be impossible due to issues regarding deep EURAMET organization rules which were not taken into account during earlier discussions with EURAMET. We thus withdrew from the TC-IntMet meeting program and decided to find an alternative, independent way.

This was finally done in Autumn 2012, when the EUROCAL official agreement was signed by representatives of CKS, DKD and KZSR.

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